Hello there,


I'm so glad you're here!  For most of my life, my brain has been at war: one side loved making things beautiful, the other preferred coming up with project ideas, mapping how to bring them to life (via color-coded notes), and executing them––just for fun.  I didn't see a connection between the two, so I pursued them separately: fine art for one, a business degree for the other.


(One to keep me sane, the other to keep me fed.)


It wasn't until I led a short film project, stumbled into the world of graphic design, and was finally hired by a visionary to bring his idea to life that I realized design and strategy could waltz together.  


Ever since then, my favorite projects have started out with phrases like:


"I have this cool idea, but it's kind of hard to explain..."


"It's complicated."


"So I know what I want, but I can't design anything."


"...Does that make any sense?"


Yes, it does.   


Hence, "Idea Stylist": because I have a passion for outfitting your idea until it's unforgettable.


© Sarah Shaw 2019

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